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LifeJournal for Educators
Interactive journaling software designed especially
for teachers and administrators.

Today’s teachers are challenged to reflect and document, to set goals and create plans to reach them, to solve problems, to evaluate and report their findings to students, administrators, and parents. State and federal governments are requiring more documentation, training, conferences, and evaluations than ever before.

LifeJournal for Educators is powerful journaling software designed to help educators write and track the activities of their professional life in a way that helps them to become more successful.


Easily accessible from the classroom or your living room, LifeJournal software makes writing easy and immediate. Record important events, evaluations, milestones, pictures, anecdotes and plans in password-protected, encrypted files that protect your privacy and eliminate disorganized paper files.


In today’s educational environment, teachers and administrators are required to reflect on their work and performance. Setting aside time to deliberately review, analyze, see and think about patterns over time is easier with LifeJournal for Educators. The software makes it easy to find and review passages about yourself, your students, your colleagues, and those with whom you mentor with the interactive and organized tools. Topics you assign are indexed and the easy “Search and Review” functions help you identify attitudes, stress factors, and other influencers that affect your professional and personal life.


You’ll find underlying patterns that can be turned into advancement or an advanced degree with the Daily Pulse tools and life history timelines. Useful for those times when you need to see your professional and personal life more clearly, LifeJournal is particularly valuable for reports that are based on observations, for documenting progress toward your goals, for creative problem solving to improve your own performance or that of your students.


LifeJournal helps you teach others how to use the power of journaling to give authentic recognitions, pass on real observations, create improvement profiles and become a better coach. Pass on the passion, creative thinking, self-awareness, and personal development you discover through the power of writing.

Let LifeJournal focus, facilitate and transform you during the process of reflection and self-discovery.


Are you...

A new teacher?
A new administrator?
Committed to becoming a better teacher?
Faced with writing an evaluation of a student; of yourself?
Having trouble seeing and understanding your growth?
Trying to remember details about critical events important to your career; to your students?
Wishing you could recall and learn from those aha! moments in the classroom?

Then Life Journal is for you! Coming in May! Email us now to received notice of availability.

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Here’s what Kathy Larson, MSE, Says About LifeJournal for Educators

“I have kept a Journal over 30 years using blank books. However, LifeJournal software not only allows me to enjoy my writing but includes so many wonderful features that my blank books don't offer. With this easy-to-use software, I can efficiently create professional timelines to organize past, present, and future events and chronicle the results. I can keep track of my healthy dispositions through graphic representation, hold confidential information for performance reviews, and document my professional growthover time. It gives me the luxury to reflect, store and access more information that is useful to not only my professional life, but my personal life as well. I love it."
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